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(2000 - 2015) is a social event which has nil to do with water (save their neighbor's pond and the casual geological formation trip), teenagers, or whatever a "hunger force" is, and alternatively covers the adventures of three amateur detectives/superheroes (only for the archetypal few episodes, tho' - the rest of the series has them reduced to bums; this is commented on at to the lowest degree twice late in the series) living in New Jersey. The blue Teens first-year appeared as one-off characters in a formerly unaired episode of (also a William thoroughfare production), but were yet inclined their own appearance — with changes to their appearances and personalities. The name "heroes" are Master Shake, a lazy, insulting, anthropomorphic shake who is the self-proclaimed someone of the Aqua immature Hunger Force; Meatwad, a dim-but-lovable spot of raw meat who is oft bamboozled, teased, and/or sorrowful by Master Shake; and Frylock, an brilliant box of french murphy who is the passing competent and halfway-morally-decent member of the personnel (except during his own moments of amoral behavior).

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