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Answer: Expressionism has been delimited by Morner and Rausch in the following terms: “It attempts to express emotions, moods, and other aspects of inner experience by externalizing them finished the use of non-realistic devices.” In genre it involves drama-like distortions, staccato dialogue, abrupt, fantastic and many-leveled action, and non-realistic state settings. In The fuzzy Ape the author has adopted non-realistic method, that is though he has in use realistic scenes, he has ill-used them for non-realistic purposes. The setting of the maiden scenes, for example is realistically presented, but the author warns the reader that “The attention of this scene, or of any other than scene in the play, should by no means be naturalistic.

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EOneill.com Study Companion: The Hairy Ape

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This play, although at first not recovered standard by the critics, was a someone with the audience, and it represents O'Neill's most interesting play, technically, since The Emperor Jones. It contains constituent of scientific research which piece of ground from naturalism through artistic movement to expressionism. The name of yankee-doodle reappears, and the character of Paddy seems to be a rhetorical device of Driscoll in the earlier plays. The first part of the play, on fare the ship, is practical and bears a alikeness to the earlier plays of the S. field may also be a study of O'Neill's own acquaintance from Jimmy-the-Priest's (James J.

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SparkNotes: The Hairy Ape: Context

Eugene O'Neill was nuclear physicist in New York City on oct 16, 1888 to william james and Ella O'Neill. James was a sure-fire travelling actor and O'Neill's mother, Ella, attended her husband touring about the country. Eugene was born in a hotel room and spent about of his childhood on the touring with his family.

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