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Candidate Obama said he did not support it and that the institution of marriage has “religious roots” and “strong tradition” and as specified is important to Americans.“I have been one and the same clear on this,” Obama told a goggle box newsman at a Springfield, Ill., drive event. law-makers cause in 2004, Barack Obama was asked by a local american state reporter about his stop on same-sex marriage. “I have said I am not a supporter of gay marriage.“I consider the term marriage itself has industrial-strength religious roots and a beardown custom that means thing special to people in this country,” Obama said.

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Gay Marriage US Supreme Court Ruling: Read President Obama's Speech | Time

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Our nation was founded on a fundamental principle rule that we are all created equal. The project of all generation is to circuit the meaning of those start speech with the realities of dynamic times—a never-ending chase after to ensure those text hoop true for all single American Progress on this go oft comes in bantam increments. Sometimes two steps forward, one step back, compelled by the lasting effort of dedicated citizens.

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Obama: Gay marriage ruling is 'a victory for America'

WASHINGTON — chief of state Obama called the sovereign tribunal decision requiring states to acknowledge same-sex marriage "a conclusion for America.""Our nation was supported on a bedrock principle that we are all created equal. The project of each genesis is to circuit the meaning of those institution words with the realities of dynamical times," he aforesaid Friday."Progress on this journey a great deal comes in small increments, sometimes two way forward, one step back, propelled by the persistent cause of ordained citizens," he continued. "And then sometimes, in that respect are days alike this when that slow, firm effort is rewarded with justness that arrives equal a thunderbolt."In a extremely contemplative speech — much of which continued long after his ready remarks had ended — Obama besides known as on supporters of gay union to respect the views of family who differ and "renew our profound commitment to churchly freedom."Obama said the ruling was the "consequence of the unnumberable itsy-bitsy acts of courage of zillions of multitude crosstown decades who stood up, who came out, who talked to parents — parents who cherished their children no matter what.

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