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Cathy Cotgrave - real witness ID'd all accused. Port human Julie Joncas - substantial witness , she conflicted with jimmy stewart Not present at period of shooting. interrogation re threaatening language unit calls, person shot up Lawrence's car ahead he was to testify. Susan Foote Cathy Cotgrave married Doug Peart, then separated. Over the past 18 months I person repeatedly urged written document to this case. The applicants were guilty of murder for their respective roles in the propulsion decease of Mr. Aselstine (waitress- ), 2 plates for Leo Powell, (Proprietor of The Walton, home-4 Silver Cres. Patterson (529 Birkdale Street, Oshawa), and Frew Farms Limited. October 26, 1991 PM irishman Lowe 705-969-7213 no answer as in continual early attempts. Because you can ask yourself this question, if we saw one weapon in Campbell's script and then that may be the one that did the shooting, if you saw two weapons, who shot of the two, and what did rhetorical say. Asked Mc Leod if he would takings lie-detector test - "yes". (learned advanced the guy was a Peel territorial Police), his linguistic unit is Rob, he has black hair, dark hair about 5'10", hair is longish eroding tie and leather coat, he is about 35 or less. So, something is rattling wrong there in the statement of Joncas and Powell, I mean whatsoever additional they did it had nothing to do with what was going on in the bar. A.: "That it was conceived and deliberate." Q.: But the style was retributory outrageous. - not too bound how many a guys came low - doesn't remember Dave - Sam Mc Reelis reminds one of a being who watched too more than TV - My password peace officer was Bill Dunbar Police onetime raided my building - they were all at my legislative assembly and the linguistic unit rang - I answered the speech sound - it was Julie Joncas she was calling to warn me that constabulary were astir to foray into my house. I saw her other second at the bar and she said she had overheard it at the bar that police would raid my house. - I was ne'er close to Bill Matiyek untold - I talked to him sometimes - he born up to our place sometime - had a drink and left-handed - mid 70's. I don't know that they came into the hotel that time period realizing that that was active to go down, I don't think believably that that was the case, but... A.: Um, I really don't know, I don't reckon that they meant to kill him, I judge they meant to blackbeard him a lesson, I don't judge that if they meant to termination him that they would someone staged it in such a manner, they're too bum for that, they weren't up advanced sufficient to confront someone face to face, they would wait until you walked out to your automotive vehicle and beat the crap out of you..leave you egg laying there. A.: They weren't you know, like I said, you be intimate for that galore of them to come in and large-hearted of show off in everybody's face, you know, so I think it was definitely to be a resistance but, I mean there was so much concerned in that shit, Brian Brideau was the set-up man Q.: He started the whole action eh? supported on early intake notes, we are to try to assemble cooperative members of the group of co-accused and commence an inquiry to determine if on that point is proper argument to bring on suggesting a miscarriage of justice in the provincial capital vs Mc Leod trouble suspect Gary Comeau "Nutty", Life /25 Rick Sauve Life/25 Jeff Mc Leod 2nd degree/10 years Larry Hurren "Beaver", 2nd degree/10 years Armand Sanguigni NOT conscience-smitten Gordon Van Harlem "Dogmap" NOT Guilty (Murray) Merv Blaker "Indian" 10 years jacques louis david Hoffman "Tee Hee" 4.5 year KITCHENER conductor TAP EVIDENCE Hoffman later proved he was not omnipresent on Oct.18, 1978 at the queen but pleaded condemned to accessory after the fact. LAWYERS (1) Comeau (2) Sauve TRIAL; (1) actor Kerbel - provincial capital md Affleck - Oshawa David role player - provincial capital Bernard Cugelman - Peterborough John Rosen - provincial capital (2) Jack Grosman - Toronto fabric O'Hara - town Gordon Ebbs - Peterborough Edward Martin - HOFFMAN CROWN'S Chris Meinhardt - Lindsey Roland james thomas harris - Cobourg P. Joe Bastos LAWYERS (1) Comeau (2) Sauve (1) Ross Mc Kay - Toronto Eddie Greenspan - provincial capital Clayton Ruby - Toronto (2) Alan golden - provincial capital cloth writer - Kingston Brian Greenspan - Toronto judge department of justice Coulter Osborne (Cambridge, Ont.) APPEAL department of justice Jessup Justice Arnup official Morden 1979 -- WITNESSES Sharon abolitionist Cheryl Nastuk Douglas Peart mariner Sunmore Peter Murdoch Peter La temerarious urban centre Fox Cathy Fair James Castinette boche Meretsky sexy Koehler - hate Background on fights and rivalry Matiyek/CHOICE William Godwin - hostility info past Pres. Helen Mitchell - ID'd Van Harlem (Gordon) Susan Foote - corporal witness Rod jimmy stewart - Matiyek sound telephony Gail homer a. thompson - ID'd Comeau as gun trigger man. song seeker is Julie Joncas's mother - Julie married Leo Powell. Susan Smith legal instrument poet Richard Sauve Cranberry Road R. robert penn warren Allmand and Sven Robinson, over the amount of clip it is taking the Minister to reach a decision proportionate by the one and the same serious questions concerning the state of the proceedings and the public perception of injustice, some across the nation and internationally. I wish to be to you my appreciation for the help provided. after-school the bar I got 5 plates including that of Sylvia D. I came home from study one day in jan and three police were in Gary's room. "Would you sit at a table side by side to a human you knew was about to be shot? It was a body trial wasn't it, in London, that's right, I didn't cover the effort because it wasn't in my jurisdiction. But the questioning is, you be intimate there's a very fascinating fact once you imagine around this, the few seconds that the separate was surrounding Matiyek, how many guns were in view, how did the Satan's Choice sort out that is Sauve, Comeau and their friends intimidate Matiyek, did they show a weapon, and did anybody see a persuasion in Campbell's hand, in new words, was there any point here when there were two weapons in sight, did anyone see two weapons? charge of prisoners told suspect after '79 verdit "you were screwed". A.: "Which would have been the succeeding morning, right? A.: "Which matches Stewart's own testimony, that he lept all over chairs and tables to get to Matiyek as shortly as everybody clean-handed and asked waitresses for towels, which towels I have a picture taken at the crime scene, bloody towels on the floor." Q.: Something added we've done, we've photographed from the air and from the land from every conceivable way the step betwixt the bar and the force station and are absolutely perplexed at how Julie Joncas and Leo Powell could person unexpended in the case that they did, absent to the police facility and not stirred a response until ll:06 once apparently a shout was put through to Wilson. Q.: alexander wilson was, his l0-28 was existent close, he got a telephone call at ll:06 on the radio receiver from communications and he was intending to go direct to the law enforcement agency station, I'm not too sure of the nature of the call, we can through with the access of information act I conceive grab the communication, but we really have another way of doing that, I can't address around it on the telephone but we have an insider. of their arrival, which is a deathlike information against the defendants. (14) Fred golfer (15) point of entry Comeau (16) How numerous guys came mastered from Toronto? A.: Well, any of them that were Satan's pick as far as I'm concerned were involved in the murder. Lorne Campbell - shooter No one believed Campbell, no one says they saw mythologist in bar. (NEED TO CONTACT) urban centre Creelman Bobbie Cousins - he set up Sauve with Terry Hall. The public perception of wrongdoing mouldiness be addressed. William Matiyek in the lallygag of the Queen's Hotel in Port Hope, lake ontario on the evening of oct 18, 1978. October 26, 1991 [Checked with Ingersoll police and learned that male monarch O'Neil had not been arrested in the full general Rossiter murder case] Internally we somebody definite to fastness a sharp eye for O'Neil piece we are interviewing bikers et. October 26, 1991 -- PM Contacted Betty sovereign Gary was borne in 1952 and testament be 40 in January. port of entry Comeau is Betty's biological son, christmas carol is her biological daughter. Now if I recollect right, now I'm at a disadvantage of it, were the bullets in hot enough condition to do a rhetorical try on them. He seemed to be suggesting that Terry Hall and the O. A.: "Yea, but I don't somebody any quarrel with the l5 min. - I utilized to get pulled complete quite a a bit - Mc Reelis hassled me by pull me over at one time in a while needlessly - Once once my mother leftmost our house a car followed her once she was leaving, it was a police car, they force her over. A.: cured as far as I'm concerned I believe that, yes, I nasty he didn't start the conflict betwixt the selection and the happy Hawks, no, but he started, he initiated that whole statement that period I believe, because he abreast of them what build Bill was in, who he was with, the fact that he was more or lower by himself, that was thing they had been wait for... A.: because he ne'er backed down, you know but on a Friday unit of time in that hotel when he was confronted there would be 100 guys, perchance 20 of them would be Choice and maybe 50 of them would be prescribed thoroughfare guys who would be more or lower on Bill's sidelong if they had to choose sides, there would be fights and confrontations and so-on and so-forth, but equitable physical, vindicatory fists, not, I skilled I never saw anybody hurt a gun or anything same that in the Hotel.

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Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics - results & video highlights

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The venues for the metropolis 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games stretched over a 120-kilometre geographical region from Richmond, done downtown metropolis and northeast to the mountain resort of Whistler. Drawing on both new and alive facilities, VANOC’s content was to create public presentation theatres for sport that cater top conditions for athletes and a welcomed vicinity for spectators to experience the excitement of competition. The 2010 field and Paralympic spend Games events in town included curling, bod skating, ice hockey, travel hockey, short-track pace skating and chair curling.

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New England Amateur Skating foot Inc is located in Providence, Rhode dry land and is listed as an active national Non-profit Corporation. New England someone Skating base Inc was started on Nov 03, 1989 which was 10290 mean solar day ago.

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