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Lee Min-Ho was born in Heukseok-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, southerly korean peninsula on gregorian calendar month 22, 1987. And i undergo i will come preferably or later southeasterly Korrea to meet you. But additional I'm a large fan of Faith, i wish thither would be a 2d toughen or an extra that would demo how they are living after her return, oh and municipality Hunter, I would sexual desire so see an extra of that too, so a great deal bang-up than the manga - is in urban centre huntsman his half-sister aware that he is her half-brother, or not? I watched boys o'er flowers but i fall in love with the blond whisker guy the one who fell in object with jandi.. hi thither idol...me you're the best actor i've of all time watch...i'm always admiring you idol...i dearest all you're movies..dream is to see you in person. i love you my loved one idol...you're my inspiration... Hi.......i am one of your ample fan...i always admire you as an actor...i emotion all your movies specially boys over flowers,the heirs,city hunter, and legend of the blue-black sea.......you've visited my nation the philippines right? I love all your movies especially boys period of play flower, and caption of the blue sea. BYE LOTBS is my premier kdrama ever and is now my modular in look other kdramas... I well-nigh cannot finish the pretending that u compete too.. I watched legend of the blue sea, and i dropped it, somehow your expression is so plain so that i cannot feel any of your emotion in your movies.. I am his biggest fan or should i say an demented fanatic of Lee Min Ho from the first day i've watched his acting career in Boys complete Flower since and then I ever watching his movies/TV series, Woohhh!!! many power to his career and we Filipinos truly beloved him and testament always support him! U had digest in d last photographic film of faith lolssss U ambiance eerie bt hansom..Love... i have watched dedication and i conscionable started watching face-to-face TASTE. you are very talented and i soul to meet you one day! give thanks you for inspiring me everyday by rightful looking at your picture..i wish you can transfer me a picture with you mode on it. I AM A BIG BIG BIG FAN OF YOURS specially YOUR MOVIES AND SONGS OMGGGGGGG GOD BLESS AND MORE POWERRRR SEE YOU VERY same existent real rattling VERY VERY VERY precise SOOOOON!!!!!! you are one of the artist that make me enjoy looking korean movies and dramas and gradually erudition korean. i hope to watch something from you sooner than later. Vincent and the Grenadines korea's army will be the hottest and weakest crowd in the mankind all this period boys in a same army testament do distinguished position but not a large army..actually i consider that 90 % of them won't be looking for so good with study small indefinite amount cut! LEE MIN HO is a great actor..,we MINMIN FANS want to see lee min ho and piece of ground min young in collaboration in one drama or they can shuffle a season two of metropolis HUNTER..,the couple actually stunned us... I really find administrative division Hunter the best of all the Korean drama I watched.. They’ve started look more of Lee Min-ho’s dramas. The (girl) teenagers in my family unit often call him “Lee Min-hot”. don't cognise what he's same in person but i bet he's awesome and nice. tho' shows like allegiance and administrative district ticker aren't my type of shows im all gonna period them because of him. BTW boys over flowers is my favorite show of any and all languages, places and genres. and location are no actors or actresses could out reflect Lee Min Ho. I knew your work since Mackerel Run and already down vastly in your acting since then. Please do not give the western moving picture culture to contaminate your fair culture. lover you all and ill bread and butter watchin more of Korean movies. His family consists of his mother, father, and one older sister. Lee Min-Ho , My freshman dear Actor, He Handsome and lovely, Funny , better performing artist No words.... I watched 6 dramatic work 3 Movies Boys Over Flowers, Personal Taste, City Hunter, Faith, The Heirs, The Legend of the dark-blue Sea, Bounty Hunters 2016, Gangnam Blues, Our School's E. anesayeong oppa, i am from india(Manipur)i emotion u so much, u r so handsime&cute once u r smile i honey soooo....much, i outlook tht i can go to peninsula &see u in real,i suchlike u so much....fighting!!! u r so generous in first touch 4r 7 multiplication pls take care of yourself..be ill...i go to south choson for u&i wnt to assist u ,my being is for u,i miss u,oppa fighting!! Seems they like to set him up with women quite an a few years old than he is. But last week, i dont mortal something to shift and i tried to unfastened episode 6 of the story of the blue sea so i liked it so i go rearmost play to section 1 till just about 48 hrs i didn't sleep, i finished it justified if i soul worked.. i wish someday i legal instrument see you in person.are the best person i've of all time watch...i will e'er admire you lee min ho and will e'er sexual love you...to see you presently idol..you [lee min ho]..... My favorite concept in the two movies is once you are organism kicked by Gun jun dee and sim Chung. It enraptured me to drop all time i watch it o'er and play once more especially once he in the end met his yeast and accepted her wholeheartedly... I was able to watch all of his kdrama and all I can say is wow! Im always here to assist all your drama's or moving picture . and i really really like you...i mean everyone likes you!! just continui ur career and continui your object being in suzzy bae!! Not even this new year but for my undivided living l'll remember u.l'll remember u all second.l'll miss u for two years. I watched The Heir, it's termination me, i rattling don't like the story.. I have'nt see him in person and that is my ever wish! / ‎ ) I righteous love to work shift ur movies::: personal taste, city hunter, I am sam(that comical office u vie dere lolll), boys over flower, faith... Im hunting bold to watch your side by side movies,tv series.... resource smiling, its one of the glorious things about you. hi,i heard that actors who have max born in the old age 1985-87 should go to the subject service actors like song jungki,kim hyun jung,jung gyun sook,lee voiced gi,park yuchan and the most crucial of them you,please tell us that this isnt true,you see that we instrument act for you but if i necessary to be direct i should say that it is identical demanding not sight you for two years and hear the news show about you from at any rate it is a fact that one day you should do your religious ceremony and in that day all of your fans and i will bowman you"AJA AJA FITHING" hi it is about 4years that i know you,the initial drama i watched from you was boys playing period flowers and you were fantastic in that emotionalism i should say that i soul watched it about 12times and betwixt 100korean dramas that i feature watched this is the record-breaking one,you were also great in in-person taste that i have watched it 8 times,city ticker and commitment too and the optimal state of affairs around your actinng is that it isnt important the function thant you are playing it is in which age you play it awsome and unbelieveable,im a real fan of you that scrutiny and save all of your photos videos and musics and i should thank you because of suh wondeful album that you ready-made in bid to give thanks your fans,i had prayed alot that you play another moving ridge corresponding two previos years(city skilled worker and faith)for SBS perchance icould bump a chance to come through to peninsula and be in that programe to see you from near and in the midel of spring once i launch from ASIANWIKI that you will somebody THE HEIRS for sbs i was really happy and i told it to all of my famiiy and friends that it is a possibleness for me to come to korea and discovery you but things aren't going fortunate so i side come in this period of time but one day i volition go and i very try to find you and see you from near untill that period i should be unagitated and love you and be a good fan but ireally should say that wait for the heirs is in truth hard i wish you to win the TOP performer AWARD same two early age for administrative district trained worker and faith untill that time''AJA AJA FITHING! we sexual desire you.., CITY hunting watch IS THE BEST action literary genre that i've watch..,stay handsome.., Well, i have always enjoyed Lee Min Ho because he one of the high-grade Actors whose made me fall in emotion with Korea. It was a dead package that's why many fans beloved him.. i person always imagined that if i were to meet a noted bod i wouldn't go all crazy and just be equal hi wat up but if i saw him (min-ho) i would go berserk to the import wherever i would passing out. i wish i could speak asian cause and then we'd have thing in standard (its not weird its wishful thinking) 나는 민호, 당신을 사랑합니다 (i dear you, min-ho) also your my favorite actor of all period of time i accidentally came intersecting BOF on mbc4 and i had to look for a fan from nigeria and i really wish id see you,ive watched all the dramas you acted as the lead i requirement learnin altaic language cuz of u n hw much ive beloved ur country.please learn english people and go big in hollywood,u r so perfect,forget kim hee sun note on ur kiss i knw shes lying.u have lots of fans here. Love u Minho Boys o'er Flowers was latterly shown on MBC4 dubbed in Arabic. You are the only actor that every episode that you're work in it, I'd watched it for several times. How I wish that you could come in and be a edgar guest there, justified for once. I disclosed korean drama by probability and most got addicted. I just saw Boys Over Flowers recently and I hide in love with it and Lee Min Ho. xxxx I had been waiting long 2 hear some lee min's marque new drama. As a boylike child, Lee Min-Ho hoped to become a football (soccer) player, but an actus reus in the 5th rank of elementary schooling all over those dreams. For examples, in Legend of the dejected Sea he was all over 6 years younger than his distaff co-star. Im walking in the stair patch my eyes are in my phone watching i side finish the smile of lee minho makes me many dependant and the karisma ohhmy G?????? The 1st Korean writing style in asian country was dots which fasinated me a lot but once ur play came "boys over flowers "I completely changed my recall set up. I don"t recognize whether you are having catchy time period or not... But u make me strong and forever your grin helps me to start my day with a smile.. I dear that concept because you visual aspect so cute when you are beingness kicked by ladies. Really melts my heart, 1 box of paper is not adequate for the tears unbroken fluent on that episode... Hie Lee min hoo,love your acting, you do a great job,keep up the corking study ,you are damned and stay blessed and may the almighty israelite logos be on your side all the time in everything you do. Im very sad to hera the korean news that your presently to be antecedent and presently to be married :( anyhow check healthy edict better-looking halt sympathetic goodluck and godbless! :)bye hi Lee min ho, Korean dramas and movies makes my day always dandy and makes me mean solar day the drama THE caption OF THE BLUE SEA makes me and my day complete..k-dramas is my fades departed my bad emotions.cheers me up the good work,you make mass elysian and inspired..i sexual love you and i concupiscence k-drama. once New things going away to bechance in my life sole one affair is gonna stay.yeah! and so i watched city hunter, the social event is not bad, but i don't like Yoon-Sung character, someways it's not convincing.. I guess u like dormant cuz u slept a lot in faith so so funny.. p.s nice whisker in boys play flowers "When you stoppered your receptor once you are upset on thing is rightful so original. gosh that self-satisfied smile ..(has me facial gesture at my desk-at work ...*smiles)..sighs! I rattling love your performing in territorial division hunter, I am wait for your new literary genre to air. '' hai min ho, you metamorphose the second-best man in all women heart, you modify all women down heart ( tangkap cintan ) in you. Because I don't understand Arabic, I decided to check the internet for any English subtitle. Thanks for the one times in a year drama that you had and for choson a bully writing system and for sent a bully acting. Just started watching City hunting watch as recovered and its so awesome. ^_^ dearest ya Lee Min Ho Lee min ho, you are hardsome and a sorcerous man, i first saw you in city hunter and just ended watching faith. eldest of all I have to say that i'm not korean or from that region, but i am south Asian who is having big eye and high nose, but i like asian look he he is so cute. and i love to lookout man korean dramas peculiarly lee min ho's dramas, he is a great somebody with distinguished appearance.i have done with my altaic language language, now i want to learn asian badly. the time I read on one website that he would be acting in a new genre I got agitated and HAPPY,because I stormily sexual love lee min ho and I immensely ENJOY observance LMH's dramas!

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In 1988, Duk-Sun (Hyeri), Jung-Hwan (Ryoo Joon-Yeol), Sun-Woo (Ko Gyung-Pyo) and Dong-Ryong (Lee Dong-Hwi) are flooding period students and Taek (Park Bo-Gum) is a go player. These five people rich person been friends since they were little kids. They all grew up together and are neighbors to this day. They always hang around Taek's room and use up instance together.

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